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Logitech Z560

Posted: December 4th, 2001
Written by: Tuan Huynh

Features Continued...

The “SoundTouch” control center which gives you access to power, bass, fader, volume and volume controls with the option of enabling or disabling Matrix M3D. For gamers who like to play games at night without disturbing the family or neighbors, the Z560’s have a headphone jack for your headphones as well. Around the volume control is a blue led which adds to the looks. The control center can be placed either horizontally or vertical (with removal of base).

The SoundTouch control center is nice, but I have a few gripes with it. First off, the cables that are supposed to run to the sound card are soldered into the control center, making it an inconvenience if you’re swapping out your old speakers. Secondly, there is no treble control on the control center, sure there is a bass control, but having control over your treble would be nice.

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