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Logitech ClickSmart™ 510

Posted: July 12, 2002
Written by: Justin "The Sheriff" Woods

Installing the camera on your PC

As with most USB devices, installing the cam on Windows 2000 went without a hitch. The software, which includes the drivers, Logitech's Quickcam Suite (version 6.0.1), and Real Player install quickly (more on this later). The camera comes with a USB cable, and of course the 4 AAA batteries, which were a little difficult to install. You have to pay very close attention to the positive and negative markings on the battery compartment's cover, as they are backwards when you open it up, so like a total n00b, I put them in wrong the first time around and the cam refused to work. After a quick switch, I was good to go. An indicator on the camera's LCD displays remaining battery power.

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Overall it was very easy to install the camera. The camera works on all versions of windows from 98 up to XP (except NT), and Mac OS 9.0 as well (QuickCam Pro Only). Once you have the batteries installed correctly, and plug in the USB cable, the camera is ready to use.

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