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Posted: June 23rd, 2003
Written by: Adam Honek


Year on year we see the personal computer becoming more and more capable with ever newer processors, chipsets and motherboards paving the way forward for the next generation of system building blocks to come. Intel, one of the most influential IT companies designs its processors and chipsets in tandem building on microprocessor and platform advances together. Throughout recent years the Pentium 4 product line has seen new technologies be integrated within the platform hoping to improve on its performance and power efficiency. Amongst these advancements there are some that contribute more than others but when looked upon wholly potentially work together to deliver a better end user experience. Today we take a close look at Intel's latest and quite possibly biggest improvement to date, the recently announced 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 processors (including the 3.2GHz version) and i875P/i865 series (Canterwood/Springdale) chipsets.

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