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Altec Lansing ADA890

Posted: September 30th, 2001
Written by: Tuan Huynh

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The ADA890 features a down-firing 8inch dual voice coil subwoofer pumping out a total of 60 watts RMS. As you may notice, the subwoofer is pretty huge for a multimedia system, but makes a good footrest under your desk. ;) The blurry white thing on the power cable is a free fuse just in case you burn out the fuse while pumping the music too loud.

On the subwoofer - where all the connections are located - youíll find all the connectors from speakers to coaxial connector. From top Left to right; thereís the diagnostic button, itís kind of faded in the picture, but itís the small square button that does a speaker test so you can make sure everything is connected correctly. Next to the diagnostic button youíll find the coaxial connector to connect either a PCM or AC-3 audio source to the speakers. On the bottom, youíll find the rear input, front Input, front right, front left, rear right, rear left connectors. As you may notice by now, the front channel connectors are not normal analog but rather Din because the front speakers contain controls as well as a 2nd output for stacking the surround sound speakers on top of the front satellites.

Just when you thought color coding made installation much simpler, Altec Lansing decided to take an extra step to make installation idiot proof. Combined with color coding, Altec keyed the connectors so they can only go in one way. Great idea on Altecís side since installation usually occurs in dark places where you canít see the colored markings on the back of the subwoofer.

For those of you who donít have room for positioning all 4 speakers correctly for surround sound may be happy to know that you wonít have to wire the surround sound speakers if you are placing them near your front speakers. Instead of wiring the surround sound speakers, you can detach the rear speakers from the base, pop off the cover on the front speakers, and stack the surround speakers on top of the front speakers.

Nothing special about the rear channel, it contains a 3inch driver and is attached to a detachable base.

Combined together, the front speakers gain a little weight; I suggest you place the speakers on a solid surface if you intend to install them in this position.

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