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Addtronics 6890A Full Tower Case (Page 3/3)

Posted: January 10, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Extra Stuff

Just like the 3DCool Tornado case, this case is loud enough to drown out young children - so don't expect to be taking any naps while the thing is on. The case itself has only two hard drive LEDs, which is about all that is supported by most motherboards.


The Addtronics 6890A case has been given awards over and over, and I can see why. It is well designed, extremely flexible, well put together, and chuck full of features. And although it has slightly fewer features than the 3Dcool case, its lower price (~$100) and customizability make it, in my opinion, just as good a case. Also, the point has to be made that while the 3Dcool case is a midtower case, the 6890A is a full tower case, and as such is a much better deal for the quality conscious computer builder who is working on a bit of a budget.

Pros (+)

- Flexibility
- Price
- Ease of Use

Cons (-)

- Gets loud if you are using more than two or three fans
- A little too big to cram under the desk, even though it will fit nicely beside it

Overall Rating: 9.1

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