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With Amanda weighing a heavy 1035g with both fans attached, it demands a proper installation for it to be secure. To achieve this, the unfortunate news is that the motherboard needs to be removed from the case and yes the installation isn't something that can be done in 5 minutes. Is this a bad thing? In terms of Amanda we think no since the cooling performance on offer following installation will most definitely make you feel good about having gone to so much trouble. It's best to prepare a full hour if you want to do things slowly and not have the feeling you’ve rushed something important like making sure the cooler evenly touches the CPU's heat spreader. Depending on how you complete the process, you may or may not need someone else’s assistance, especially when screwing on the cooler, a magnetic screwdriver is a handy tool either way. For best performance, Amanda should be installed so that the fan responsible for sucking air from the heatsink is directed to the rear case fan as this will immediately disperse the hot air. Due to the installation being somewhat demanding, it may deter some users from even trying. For those who get shaky hands the moment they are asked to remove a motherboard, let us assure you it's really not all that difficult, just take it slowly. The included instructions are easy to follow, written in good English and include helpful diagrams. Separate to the cooler, Amanda features a control card that goes into a vacant PCI slot, this is the control logic that performs real-time operation of the peltier unit. Finally, cables must be connected between the latter and the cooler, and also the motherboard's two fan headers. As briefed before, following the instruction manual removes any confusion. Since Amanda is heavy, it may also be of benefit to install the included weight reduction system. The latter is especially something to keep in mind on AMD platforms as in such cases, only two (and not four as in Socket 775 platforms) screws secure Amanda onto the motherboard. Due to the somewhat lengthy process in giving Amanda a new home within your case, she isn't something you'll want to be removing/installing on a regular basis. Should this nevertheless be on your agenda, all the installation components Amanda has/uses are of high quality and won't be all that susceptible to wear and tear.

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