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Posted: November 22nd, 2004
Written by: Adam Honek


There is a widespread availability of flash memory USB storage products on the market and so Swissbit is not alone in the quest for delivering the right product at the right time. We found this small yet handy device to be practical, fast and most important of all highly capable in how much it can carry. If one combines this with the elegant looks and added benefit of a belt clip there is little to argue against it. Whether our daily life requires us to move music files, documents or even backup our data the Swissbit Twist Pro 2GB will surely come in useful. If to take into account the $240 or so asking price it is perhaps not cheap but the low weight and higher durability than compact discs makes it all that more appealing. An only flaw is that some effort must be made to turn the swivel and therefore unveil the USB connector from its hiding place, a small inconvenience otherwise not spoiling a good design. Overall the census is highly positive and recommending this gizmo is the right conclusion to make.

- Small and weightless
- USB2 connectivity
- 2GB of storage space!
- Fast file transfer

- Slightly expensive
- Minor swivel stiffness

Overall rating: 85%

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