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Posted: December 14th, 2004
Written by: Adam Honek


Being a fully native PCI Express solution based on Nvidia's NV43 (6600) GPU chipset it is primarily an Intel only platform destined component, at least until into 2005 when a substantial number of AMD powered systems also start to feature PCI Express. One big difference from its AGP version is that no extra power connectors are present on the card, all the power it requires is drawn straight from the PCI Express socket hence installation is the simplest of possible. Nvidia recommends using a 300W or higher rated PSU to power 6600(GT) GPU based graphics cards. Upon turning on the system one cannot but help notice the blue L.E.D's shining from within the GPU's cooling fan, for anyone into modding this is without doubt a treat for their eyes. On the rear of the card one can find a HD-15 connector for CRT/LCD analog monitors, DVI-I for digital LCD panels and last but not least TV-out for big screen gaming or perhaps DVD viewing.


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