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Posted: December 14th, 2004
Written by: Adam Honek


Galaxy's 6600GT PCI Express graphics card is one of potential, not only does it provide exciting levels of performance for those who wish to upgrade but also manages to achieve this quality without leaving one's pockets empty. For about $200 it proves to be faster than both the ATI Radeon 9800XT and Nvidia Geforce FX 5950 Ultra - both these technologies were regarded as high-end not so long ago. With the Galaxy 6600GT DOOM III for example - a graphically demanding game - is absolutely playable on its high quality setting and truly showcases what this latest Nvidia chipset technology can handle, even when put under extreme stress. A setback is that Galaxy refrains from including any bundled games as is often the case with other manufacturer’s, while this doesn't mean any less performance it could be a deciding factor in your purchase. The two year RTB warranty adds some reassurance should anything go wrong and we still find it truthful that 128MB of RAM is usually sufficient for this type of product - a mainstream graphics card destined for mainstream type use does not require and will not largely benefit from 256MB RAM due to its restricted memory bandwidth at high resolutions. If one considers the price to performance ratio and full Shader Model 3.0 support it is very difficult to fault Galaxy's 6600GT PCI Express offering, it supplies immensely fast and high quality gaming to those on an average budget with performance to spare, here is an upgrade destined to please equally consumer and pocket.

- Great mainstream performance
- DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 support
- 2 year RTB warranty
- Price/Performance ratio
- Native PCI Express GPU

- No games bundle

Overall rating:

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