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Posted: October 25th, 2004
Written by: Adam Honek

First Impressions

Anyone common to Crucial will be familiar with their appearance of packaging. While it isn't designed to be flashy it does serve its purpose well and for the environmentally concerned is made mostly out of recycled cardboard. Inside we find the memory sealed in an anti-static envelope, some sponge to absorb shocks in transit, a large & small Ballistix case sticker, and finally also a handy small sized installation manual. Taking out the memory reveals its copper heat spreaders common on performance memory products - a feature included to serve both cooling and cosmetic functions. To clearly identify them from other Crucial memory as well as competition they contain a Ballistix logo sticker on the heat spreader. THE PCB color of the DIMM's is black making a change from the otherwise common green, whether this is something good or bad however remains a matter of personal preference.

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