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History of the x86 Processor (Page 10/10)

Posted: February 26, 2001
Written by: Dustin "TimmyC" Jones

Cyrix (cont.)

After Cyrix was purchased by National Semiconductor, it hit rock bottom (no, not a wrestling move). Basically, it stopped producing anything interesting or decentů until late 2000 at least.

2000: Recently purchased by VIA, Cyrix came into the market with something new and fresh, the aptly named VIA Cyrix III. Lots of cool things were packed into packed into the new Samuel2 core, one being the first-on-the-market 0.15 micron core. With the smaller micron process, Cyrix could create processors which took less power, generated less heat, and reach higher speeds. This processor debuted at 667MHz, and with the smaller process, could easily reach 1GHz.

Cyrix III? Yeah, I saw one of those once... on a milk carton.

Performance on the processor however is less than stellar. When compared to similarly clocked units from AMD and Intel, (e.g. Duron 600 and Celeron 566) the VIA Cyrix III just can't keep up. This is a good processor that would be ideal for notebooks and portable devices, that require lots of power and less heat. Perhaps if Cyrix nurtured this processor more and improved the performance, the VIA Cyrix III could be a good contender.


See what I meant about how processors could be considered the fastest growing component of computer technology? Well, in my humble opinion, nothing has advanced as much as the CPU (except maybe the video card). Try to imagine what CPUs will be like in 10 years.. I really can't imagine, I don't even want to try.
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