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Athlon Thunderbird Overclocking (Page 3/5)

Posted: September 4, 2000
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen

Overclocking (cont.)

FSB overclocking is the most popular method of overclocking nowadays because you can simply change it using jumper settings or in your BIOS. Using this method results in a better overall improvement than using multipliers alone. This is because youíre overclocking the system bus, so most things go faster (especially your processor).

The Third Method

Buy a faster processor. Haha, Iím just kidding. The third method employs both of the previous methods. You can overclock your CPU by using a higher clock multiplier setting in conjunction with a higher FSB setting. This method generally yields better results.

Sometimes, overclocking will require you to add a little more voltage to the CPU for it to maintain stability. Generally, I only recommend a core voltage maximum of 0.15v above default, because thatís actually quite a lot of voltage and you donít want to fry your processor.


The motherboard we used to overclock the CPUís was the Asus A7V. The A7V is Asusí latest offering for Athlon based motherboards and features the Socket A interface. The version we used is 1.01 which includes jumpers for clock multiplier adjustments. All FSB adjustments can be made inside the BIOS with an easy menu system that also allows you to adjust core voltage to your liking. On the motherboard itself there is a jumper that lets you adjust I/O voltage which also can help the overclocking process.

So let's stick in the processors and get some numbers here. Weíll be using Norton System Worksí System Information benchmarking utility to benchmark processor speed. This benchmark is also used by MaximumPC but is called bootMARK.


The System

AMD "Thunderbird" Athlon 800MHz
AMD "Thunderbird" Athlon 1GHz (Copper)
AMD "Thunderbird" Athlon 1GHz (Aluminum)

Asus A7V rev. 1.01
256MB Infineon PC133 SDRAM Cas2
Asus V7700 GeForce2 GTS with official Detonator 3 (6.18)
IBM GXP75 Ultra100 HD
Windows 98 SE

Symantec System Information Benchmark (included with Norton Utilities 4.0 or System Works 2000)

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