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How to Repair a Malfunctioning Playstation 2 - PS2 (Testimonials)

Updated: March 19, 2006
Written By: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

Reader Testimonials

On this page you'll find some e-mails that readers sent in regarding their success with this guide (some posts were edited for grammar and spelling) - feel free to send in your stories.

PS2 Repair

Just had to drop you a note to THANK YOU for posting the PS2 repair instructions on Tweak3D. I have a first edition that has amazingly working all this time, and finally broke last week, right after I bought a bunch of new games. But, I found your instructions and made the gear adjustment, and you saved me the $150 it would have cost to get a new system. Plus, my husband was terribly impressed by my technical skills. Thanks again!
- Jamie Quillen

WOW** Thank You!

I was real close to slamming my PS2 down, and I was actually looking on ebay to buy a new one. On there someone was trying to sell a manual for $4 to repair a ps2, I almost bought it, instead I ran a Google search and found your webpage with AWESOME step by step picture instructions, and got my PS2 working in less than a half hour.

I THANK YOU GREATLY, I feel like I should have paid you.


Rob C

PS2 Repair/Walkthrough

Dan -

I was having unbelievable frustration with DREs, especially with Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando having just come out. I searched for PS/2 repair and came across your site. 15 minutes later and my PS/2 was loading first time, every time.

Thanks for taking the time for putting this information out there!

Aaron Malejko

PS2 Repair

Thank you so much for the guide on ps2 repair! This guide saved me $40 at my local gaming store to have the ps2 fixed. I have the same model that was covered in the guide (SCPH-30001) and it worked perfectly after cleaning the laser (which was grey because of all the dust, rather than blue). I also had to rotate the white disc near the laser to have dvds work. This saved me a total of $200 because i was going to buy new discs (i didn't know ps2s COULD break until my friend told me so!

Your guide was very helpful, thanks for making it!

Brenden P.

Thanks for the PS2 Guide

Wow.. I never knew that could be so helpful! I still get some errors for Vice City.... but it's much better! Thanks so much, bro.. my other games work also! Finally.. X Box and PS2 now work! Thanks bud!

Thank You!

Hello! I know you are busy but I just had to say "thank you" for your article on ps2 repair on Tweak3D. It has helped me fix both of my kid's old ps2's and made him and I so very happy! You are really a great person and we thank you! -Lee and Dakota


Gdday - just a quick note to say thank you for showing me how to fix my Playstation. I was just about to throw it away when I found your site. I kept getting the DRE and thought it was stuffed... I did what you said and I couldn't turn the gear... I forced it a little bit more and it fell into place. My kids had dropped the ps2 and dislodged the gears. I would never of looked if i hadn't found your info...

Cheers, thanks again.
Craig Stevens

Thank You

Thank you very much, you've made a six year old boy very happy. Have a great night.
-Jimmy Pressy

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