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Posted: September 13, 2001
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

AHH!! GIVE ME GAMES! has quite a few fun games for the Palm, and tons upon tons of other programs. Once you've loaded the site, just click "Palm" near the top and start going nuts. Keep in mind that most Palms have a 2 MB or 8 MB storage capacity. You can fill this quite quickly if you're not careful, so try to keep track of the games you want, and delete the ones that you don't want (if you are a 'binge downloader' like I am, you'll likely download tons of useless junk).

There is a rating system for the games, so you can see reviews and see which games are the most popular. While the most popular games could possibly suck complete ass, they are usually worth the download, especially if you're interested in that style of game. is where I found most of the games that I still play. The site has a massive archive of software and a similar review system to Check both archives out, or see what I like and recommend below.

My Picks...

My favorite games as of yet are listed here:
  • AeroFighter - This game is a puzzle game, but it's also a shooter. Er, it's kind of like Space Invaders meets Tetris.
  • Battle City - It's like "TANK" on Atari. It's pretty fun for a while.
  • Sea War - It's Battleship, basically, and it's freeware.
  • Blocks - A great Tetris clone. Also check out the card and casino games they offer at Electron Hut.
  • Chess Genius - I suck at chess, but it's a fun game to play in the car (not while driving) or with a friend. Plus this game has tons of features, even with the demo.
  • Reptoids - It's like Hardball, or Arkanoid (or if you were once an Atari owner, "Breakout")... but a bit different. Also, it's free.
  • CrazyBall (Jezzball) - It's like Jezzball, my favorite Windows game, ever. See the page for more info.
  • Parking Lot - A great slide puzzle game that will keep you entertained for at least a while.
  • Patience Solitaire - Definitely one of the better solitaire games out there, for when you're really sick of Minesweeper.
  • Race Fever - This game has incredible graphics for a Palm. It's pretty damn fun, too. It even supports two player modes. Now, if only the demo offered a bit more...
  • Pocket Scorch - An excellent Scorched Earth style game. Has many weapons, offers gameplay for several players, and kept us very busy during a four hour car ride the other day.

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