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Posted: September 13, 2001
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

Gameboy Emulators has links for three different Gameboy emulators. I have tried Liberty and PalmBoy. Both worked very well. You have to convert ROM images to make them work with a Palm, but the emulators include a program to do this. I tried a Final Fantasy Legend game, Tetris, and Mario World and all worked perfectly, except for the poor sound (so I turned it off). To find ROMs (in other words, Gameboy games that you can download), search on Yahoo or Google. Or if you have newsgroups, there are a few binary groups that have Gameboy ROMs. Keep in mind though that is illegal to download a game you don't own.

The emulators can be tweaked to run faster, by changing such things as frame skip, sound, and quality. They might run very slow, but that's what the next sections are for... tweaking and overclocking your Palm. If you overclock your Palm and change the frame skip you can probably get the games to run perfectly.

Overclocking Your Palm

I imagine some people would be scared to overclock a Palm. Afterall, the CPU has no cooling, and it would be a terrible waste if the CPU was to burn up. However, from what I've read on different message boards and sites, there is very little risk to overclocking your Palm. If your Palm did die from overclocking, Palm, Inc. would probably not cover the damages (but a retailer likely would, as they would not know what caused it to die).

As long as you overclock in moderation, you should be fine. For example, I ran my Palm m100 (which normally runs at 16 MHz) at 35 MHz for a while, to play some Gameboy emulators. I set the program so that it only overclocked the Palm for this application (Liberty, in this case). The only side effect was a quicker drain of battery power.

How to Overclock...

I take no responsibility for your overclocking experiences. If it blows up, I'm sorry. But like I mentioned before, I have read many message boards and web sites, and most agree that there are no side effects other than quicker battery drain from overclocking a Palm.

To overclock your Palm, download Afterburner. The program is straight forward, and you'll see massive performance gains from overclocking. Emulators and slow games is where it shows the most, but just about every application you use on your Palm that was even slightly "laggy" will be lightning fast after overclocking.

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