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Installing a Window How To

Posted: February 25th, 2002
Written by: Davey McWatters


Disclaimer: *disclaimer: Tweak3D is not responsible for any damage done to your case while following these directions.*

Now that you have smoothed your case panel out you will want to begin actually installing the rubber grommet included with your window kit. The grommet should have slots on opposite sides as well as a much larger slot running down the center of the grommet. The larger gap running down the middle of the two smaller slits should face the inside of your panel. With the grommet so the largest slit is facing the inside you will want to fit the grommet onto the sides of the hole in your panel.

If you have any trouble getting the grommet to slide onto your panel you may want to use some sort of lubrication. In my case, I used a bar of soap and it worked quite well. Simply rub the soap on the edge of your panel and along the edges of your acrylic window piece. This should make it much easier for you to slide the grommet onto your panel. Below is a picture of the grommet completely on the panel, excuse my feet my friend took the picture and I didnít realize I was standing in it.

Now comes the fun part, actually this next part is the hardest part to accomplish of the whole project. If you havenít lubed up your window yet you may want to go ahead and do that, it will make the process go much easier, and if you donít have a small flathead screwdriver handy you may want to go grab one before you get started with the next step.

Now you need to insert the window into the rubber grommet; this gave me quite a bit of trouble. Part of my problem, however, was my hole was just a little bit too small. To get the window in there, I first inserted a corner and used a small flathead screwdriver to help the rubber grommet to catch the window as it should. After you have one corner inserted you should be able to insert the opposite corner on the same short nine-inch end without to much trouble.

After getting the first two corners in it should go a little bit smoother for you since the grommet will now be holding the window in place. All you should have to do now is use your screwdriver to fit the rest of the window inside the grommet. If you have any problems you may want to make sure your hole is large enough to accommodate the window and you may also want to get someone to help you work it into the grommet.

The last thing you should need to do is insert the locking strip. Remember that larger gap on the inside of your panel? That is where you need to insert the locking strip. Now if you cut your hole large enough, unlike me, it should go in quite painlessly. However, if your hole isnít cut large enough it might be difficult to get in. I couldnít get the entire locking strip in so I simply cut it into smaller pieces and inserted it where it would go, it should still be tight enough to hold the window in place.

Below you can see a picture of the window completely inserted into the grommet and panel. I know mine is a little bit close to the edge but as you can see from the pictures above that little ďhandleĒ on the side of my case needed completely removed. It would have looked even worse if I had only left part of the handle in tact.

You are now ready to put the panel back onto your case. Below is a picture of my case with the side panel reinstalled.

Finishing Touches

Now that you have your window installed, why not show it off even more? Neon or cold-cathode lights really can dress it up. I plan to install blue lighting inside my case; I will update the article with final pictures when I get them in. You also will probably want to do something with your cables, for example round them or wrap tubing around them.

That should cover everything you need to know about installing a window kit in your case panel. I would like to give a big shout out to Cole over at for supplying the Window kit used in this article.

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