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How to Build Your Own PC (Page 2/9)

Posted: September 09, 2002
Written by: Chris Angelini

Step One: Case Preparation

Like a doctor preparing for an operation, you need to make sure your case is ready to accept the innards of a computer.
Tweak Tip!
Keep a set of gloves handy when you work on your case. You’d be surprised how sharp some of those components are.
After opening the empty case (usually accomplished by removing two screws on one side), lay the case on its side, so the motherboard can be dropped into place. If the case includes screws and cables, take those out and set them aside. There should be a set of copper colored spacers in the bag of screws – we’ll use those to mount the motherboard above the metal plate on the side of the case. You may need to lay your motherboard down in the case to determine where the copper spacers are needed, but be extra careful – if you add a spacer that doesn’t correspond to a mounting hole in the motherboard, you risk a short-circuit.

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Next, you’ll want to check the thin, metal plate towards the rear of the case that includes holes for the PS/2, serial, parallel, and USB ports. If it matches the configuration of your motherboard, you’re set. If not, you’ll need to remove the plate by sliding it out. Again, be careful; the sides of the plate are sharp. Once the proper plate is in place, set the case aside for a moment and focus on the motherboard.

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