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Windows ME Tweak Guide (Page 4/4)

Posted: September 28, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

TweakUI 1.33

TweakUI 1.33 (which is actually for WinNT/2k, but works just fine with Win9x and WinMe) is an awesome tweaking applet that this guide wouldn't be complete without. This program can tweak something in just about every part of the user interface (hence the name…). I could go on for pages and pages on tweaks that can be done within TweakUI, but I'm just going to focus on the ones that will make the greatest speed increase.

Under the mouse tab, I would recommend setting the menu speed to fast - this will allow you to browse through the start menu and any right-click menus as quickly as possible. In the general section, disabling all of the 'effects' will increase system performance by disabling extra animations and features within the operating system. Here you can also prevent applications from stealing focus (say you get an ICQ message while you are typing in Word - the message won't pop up but will instead flash in the task bar) - a setting which I highly recommend you use. Under the shell tab, disabling Shell Enhancements (such as the quick launch bar) will increase performance, but I would recommend leaving "detect accidental double-clicks' enabled to prevent you from double-clicking when you only intended to select an icon or feature. You might also consider disabling some of the show settings for the Start and Favorites menu to clean and speed them up. If you have to automatically log on to a network (like I have to here at school), you might consider setting the computer to automatically log on under the logon tab - as this will speed up boot times.


Yeah, I know, I've killed this topic. Not only have I killed it, I've embalmed it, buried it, dug it back up, resurrected it, and then killed it again. If it weren't for the fact that it is such an important topic, I would let it lie - but I can't. Updating to the newest video, sound card, network card, modem, etc…, drivers can dramatically increase performance - and while the drivers included with WinMe are nice, they aren't always optimized for speed. If you are having trouble finding new drivers for a particular piece of hardware, check out - they just might be able to help you out.


Well guys, there you have it - the WinMe Tweak Guide. Hopefully, this guide will help you guys that are venturing into the world of WinMe get the best possible performance out of the system. Because WinMe is still basically the same OS as Win9x, don't be afraid to go through some of the old tweak guides and try out some of those tweaks until I get new, updated WinMe tweak guides out (based on the final release version).

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