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Tweaking Your PC: Getting the Last Mile Out of Your Hardware Part 4 of 4 (Page 4/5)

Posted: October 1, 1999
Written by: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Originally Printed in PC Gamer's Ultimate Hardware Bible, an Imagine Media Publication. All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission.

Tweaking Tribes

If you are a 3Dfx card owner, you're in luck - Tribes works flawlessly with 3Dfx cards almost universally. Intel i740 and Riva TNT owners, however, should listen up, because Tribes requires some very tedious tweaking for you. Begin by downloading the newest patch for Tribes. You will then need to browse to your tribes\config folder and create a file called autoexec.cs (if it doesn't already exist). Then open it up and enter these two lines into it:

$OpenGL::Enabled = true;
$OpenGL::OverrideLights = true;

Also, within the console.cs file, the following lines should have these values:

$pref::OpenGL::AlwaysRGBA = "False";
$pref::OpenGL::NoAddFade = "False";
$pref::OpenGL::NoMipmapping = "False";
$pref::OpenGL::NoPackedTextures = "False";
$pref::OpenGL::NoPalettedTextures = "False";
$pref::OpenGL::Use32BitTex = "True"; (only works if your desktop is in 32 bit color mode)

Save the file and then start Tribes. Go to the options/display menu, and select OpenGL as your full screen renderer. In the OpenGL setup section, choose the option that is most appropriate for your card (Note: this was done with a beta version of the OpenGL renderer - by the time of publication, you may no longer have to take these outlandish steps to enable OpenGL rendering).

Now for general tweaks, I recommend using 800x600 resolution and the highest detail settings. Also, within your config.cs file, the following lines should be changed to read as follows:

$pref::interiorLightUpdateMS = "20"; (smoothes things out...)
$pref::waitForVSync = "False"; (if you have problems with flickering or artifacts, set this to True)
$pref::TerrainVisibleDistance = "10000"; (increases visual range in sniper-mode)
$pref::mipcap = "13"; (13 for TNT, lower for other cards - default is 9)
$pref::dynamicLightDistance = "300"; (changes the length of the dynamic lighting )

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