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Tweaking Your PC: Getting the Last Mile Out of Your Hardware Part 3 of 4 (Page 4/4)

Posted: September 27, 1999
Written by: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Originally Printed in PC Gamer's Ultimate Hardware Bible, an Imagine Media Publication. All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission.

Riva TNT

The Riva TNT/TNT2 is currently the leading 2D/3D chip on the market. Luckily for you, it is also one of the most easily tweaked video cards to date. Begin by downloading the Detonator drivers from NVidia []. Before continuing with the tweaks, you will have to do a little registry hacking.

1. Open regedit
2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/NVIDIA Corporation/RIVA TNT/NV4Tweak
3. Create a DWORD key called Poweruser (case sensitive).
4. Modify the key - insert the settings:

Value Data: 1
Base: Hexadecimal

Now you are ready to tweak any Riva TNT based video card. Open up the Display applet in the control panel, go to the settings tab, and click on the Advanced button. Go to the Riva TNT tab and click on the Additional Properties button. This will take you into the heart of the TNT tweaking zone, otherwise known as the Additional Riva TNT Properties window. Here are my favorite D3D and OpenGL settings for the Riva TNT:


- Auto generate 12 Mipmap levels
- Auto-mipmap method: Trilinear
- Mipmap detail level: Best Image quality
- Enable Anti-aliasing: Best Image Quality

Click on the Advanced button.

- Disable Fog Table Emulation
- (for PCI card users) PCI Texture Memory size: 8 - 10 Mb
- Disable wait for Vblank: Render no more than 12 frames ahead. If you have control lag, set this back to 4 or 6 (particularly in Shogo).


- Enable Buffer Region Extension - Allow dual planes extension
- Disable Buffer Flipping
There are also some registry hacks for OpenGL. Open regedit and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/NVIDIA Corporation/RIVA TNT/OpenGL. Set "EnableVBlankWait" to 0 and set "TextureQuality" to 01. This should improve the speed and visual quality of OpenGL games and apps.

Ed. Note: These settings were based on the 1.76 Detonator drivers and may not work with newer driver revisions


This is the end of part 3 of my PC Gamer article. Check back in a few days for the final installment.

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