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Tweaking Your PC: Getting the Last Mile Out of Your Hardware Part 3 of 4 (Page 1/4)

Posted: September 27, 1999
Written by: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Originally Printed in PC Gamer's Ultimate Hardware Bible, an Imagine Media Publication. All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission.

Modem Tweaks

The modem is one of the most important pieces of hardware to optimize for Internet gaming. Fortunately, speeding it up is very simple. First, perform the port tweaks from the previous section. Then type sysedit in the Run box in the Start Menu. Go to the system.ini window and scan down to the [386Enh] section. Find out what Com port your modem is on and use the appropriate setting from below:

1). Com1Irq4Buffer=1024
2). Com2Irq3Buffer=1024
3). Com3Irq4Buffer=1024
4). Com4Irq3Buffer=1024

If your modem is using a non-standard COM port or IRQ (particularly when dealing with WinModems), use the models above to create a setting that will work for your computer. A modem's data buffers are very small and at higher speeds get full faster than they can get rid of information, these buffer settings loan the modem some RAM to use to clear out the information.

Windows does a lousy job of handling TCP/IP dialup connections. But there are several solutions for this problem. My particular favorite is iSpeed []. This program allows you to optimize all of the network settings for your modem without hacking the registry. Here are the settings that I recommend for 33.6 and 56k modems:

MTU: 576
MSS: 536
WIN Value: 2144
TTL: 128
MTU Auto Discover enabled
NDI CacheSize: 16

These settings should improve your downloading and uploading speeds, particularly in Windows 95.

Winboost 98

Winboost 98 is one of the better tweaking programs around. It allows you to do some of the tweaks mentioned above automatically, as well as many other performance and OS enhancements. Below are my recommendations for increasing the speed of your system.

System and Booting Section:

- Disable Autoscan (stops that annoying Scandisk after a "bad" reboot)
- Disable Boot Logo (gets rid of the boot up logo, same as Tweak UI)
- Disable Bootlog (Stops the bootlog.txt file from being generated every reboot)
- No More Stacks (adds the Stacks=0,0 line to the CONFIG.SYS file - do not use if you have already entered it)
- Maximizing CD-ROM Speed - Cache size: Large - CD-ROM speed: Set to your CD-ROM Drive's specifications
- Contiguous File Allocation Size (Optimizes the computer for multimedia apps)
- Disable FIFO mode for disk drives (Speeds up disk drives)
- Remove Temp files on startup (do not use if you have already added the deltree line to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file)
- Disable Doublespace Driver (Do not disable if you are using Doublespace)
- Disable Drivespace Driver (Do not disable if you are using Drivespace)

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