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MDK 2 Tweak Guide (Page 4/4)

Posted: June 17, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

MDK 2 Console

Because MDK 2 is an OpenGL game, it includes a console. In most games, consoles are cool because they allow you to play around with settings that the game itself doesn't necessarily allow you to mess with. The same goes for MDK 2, except that their console is a lot different than the ones we are all used to (like the one for Quake 3). To access the console, just like in many other games, you press the tilde [~] key. The format you need to put any console command in is command=x where command is the command (duh) and x is a number (probably 0 or 1). I've tried a bunch of different console commands (even ones I've yanked out of the executable itself using wordpad…) and haven't gotten a single one to do anything (I did, however, figure out how to get rid of the error messages - which is how I determined the imput format). However, I have included this information in hopes that you might find a command and get use out of it.

Other Stuff

There are a few other things you can do to increase performance for MDK 2. If you haven't already, install DirectX 7.0a because it can increase performance. Another thing you might try doing would be to download the newest drivers for your 3D accelerator and sound hardware before playing the game. There is also an option for checking on the Internet for newer versions of the GLSetup program, which might help you squeeze a few more fps out of the game. I also foresee in the near future MDK 2 being added to the WickedGL driver install program - so you might be able to use those files to get your system into top-notch condition as well. Suffice it to say, there are a bunch of things you could do to speed up MDK 2 if you were so inclined.


Hopefully this guide has helped you squeeze every last bit of performance out of this extremely cool 3rd person shooter. If you are still having trouble with the game, however, you might try some of our general system tweaks as well as any tweaks that are available for your specific video card (or maybe you would consider overclocking). As always, if you have comments or questions (or perhaps a tweak that I missed), let me know.

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