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Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan
Posted: February 20, 2000

Quick Update! (2-21-2000)

Keith posted the following in the news a few hours after posting this guide:
Okay, here are some clarifications to the LAN tweak guide: - The guide pretty much assumes you are using a modem to connect to the Internet for the IP tweaks. You can't use the IP address tweaks if you are connecting to the Internet over your LAN - because then you would be using the same TCP/IP stack. But you use entirely separate stacks that do not overlap if you are connecting to the Internet with a modem. So what IP address you use on your network is a non-issue. If you are connecting to the Internet using your network then your network guy should have set it up anyway and you SHOULDN'T touch the settings.

- IPX/SPX is necessary to support some older games and other software, and is a good backup protocol for TCP/IP. Having it installed does NOT slow your network down.

- I have no idea why octets of 125 are faster, but they are by about 1-2 ms in Quake3, which is why I posted the tweak. It could be pure serendipity, and there could be other settings that are even faster, but 125 appears to work better that other settings.

And guys, remember, I have tested all of these tweaks and they work on MY system. There is no way for me to guarantee they will work for everyone, although I try to keep them as broadly useable as possible.


Divorce - the splitting up of the modem and LAN tweak guides was a painful decision, but there are simply too many tweaks for LANs to do justice to them all in a guide also shared by one of the largest and most complete modem tweaking guides on the 'net. And since home LANs, and more importantly LAN parties, are becoming more popular, I thought you guys might appreciate an entire guide devoted to the subject.

Before delving into specifics, however, I'd like to point out that these LAN settings have been optimized for two things in mind - small home networks and gaming. Although these tweaks WILL work on large LANs and WANs, the server must be set up properly for them.


Before beginning, make sure you have the most current drivers for you LAN card. You should get these either from the manufacturer's website. If you can't find the URL find it through Drivers Headquarters. This will increase overall stability over your network and make sure that your card will be as cooperative as possible.

Basic Network Settings

There are a few things that need to be installed on your system for your LAN to function properly, and a few things that you shouldn't have installed unless you absolutely need them. The following things should be installed:

- Client for Microsoft Networks [Client]
- Network Card driver [Adapter - should already be installed]
- TCP/IP (ex: TCP/IP -> Intel 8255x-based PCI Ethernet Adapter) [Protocol]
- IPX/SPX-compatible protocol [Protocol]
- File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks [Service]

If any of these are missing, install them using the add button (right click Network Neighborhood, choose Properties, then click Add). Go to the section that I have listed in the above square brackets and search for the appropriate drivers.

The following things you absolutely shouldn't have installed unless they are necessary for your network card/network:

- Microsoft Family Logon [Client]
- NetBEUI [Protocol]

They may slow down your network and you should only use them if you absolutely have to have them installed.

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