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Windows System Cleanup Tweak Guide (Page 3/3)

Posted: September 25, 1999
Written by: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

The Third Part of the Miracle

Begin by opening up the RegClean directory in Windows Explorer and run RegClean. Click on the start button and it will scan the registry files and determine which keys should be removed. After the scanning is complete, click on the Fix Errors button to apply the changes. After this process, you should reboot your system. If the computer has an error during the reboot, just double click on the undo*.reg file that is created to reset the computer to what it was prior.

Next, run EasyCleaner from the Start Menu. There are several parts to this program, but for this guide I will focus on the Clean Registry section. Click on the "Clean Registry" button and then click "Find". After the program is done scanning, delete all the entries shown and run the program again. Continue to run the program until no entries come up after a complete scan.

And finally, run Cleanreg using Windows Explorer, as this program doesn't create an icon on the start menu. Uncheck the "Update after Delete" box, select a key from the top window and click on the Delete Key button. Repeat this ten or so times, go up and select the update after delete box, and delete one more key. Then uncheck the update box and continue this process until all of the entries are gone.

Reboot the computer and continue onto the next, and final, part.

The Fourth Part of the Miracle

Note: If you are using Windows 95 Service Pack 1 or older, you may need to patch your regedit file. You can download it here.Windows 95 OSR 2.1 and above are not affected by this bug.

Begin by shutting down the computer into MS-DOS mode. Go to your Windows directory [generally C:\Windows] by typing C:\ at the command line and then typing cd\windows. Then type smartdrv. This will speed up the entire operation. Then type regedit /e all.reg. This will export the registry to the all.reg file. Next type regedit /c all.reg. This will compress and import the all.reg file, replacing the old registry with a compressed copy of it.

Next, type win to start up Windows. Open the FixReg program, point it at the all.reg file in the Windows directory, and open the file. It will automatically make sure that all of the necessary registry keys were imported. Once this is completed, delete the all.reg file and reboot the computer.


Congratulations, you have successfully cleaned out Windows. Soon I will be adding information to this guide about removing unnecessary files that Windows should have already deleted. Remember, if you mess up, I don't want to hear about it.

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