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Air Cooling Guide (Page 3/7)

Posted: November 27, 2000
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen

3 Fan Design

Adequate Cooling with One Dead Spot

Here is another design that is becoming popular among case manufacturers. This design helps cool off the drives and help pull air through the case better. All the capacitors and transformers that are inside the power supply cause the fan to do a poor job of moving hot air out of the case. In this case, itís better to have negative pressure inside the case (caused by 2 outs and 1 in) so that cool air from the outside is always moving in from the front. Thereís still the issue of our AGP and PCI cards not getting the freeze treatment though.

Letís take a look at another popular case setup.

2 Fans + CPU Exhaust

Too Many Dead Spots

This type of case is also very popular. Taking a first glance inside the case youíll be delighted to see a fan right where the CPU is located. But this is usually a problem in disguise. Why so, you ask? Well, letís take a moment to remember that there is also a HSF (heatsink fan combo) on your CPU. The fan is likely to be blowing down onto the heatsink. This means that there is negative pressure above the heatsink because it is drawing air. Since our exhaust fan is blowing air out of the case, it too is drawing air from the same area. If our exhaust fan is drawing air and our CPU fan is also drawing air, then thereís going to be turbulence -- a bad situation for smooth airflow. Weíll touch this subject in a bit.

Itís about time we get rid of all the red circles.

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