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Wahoo Computers Schema

Posted: August 5th, 2002
Written by: Davey McWatters

Wahoo Computers Schema

The Case:

The motherboard tray is the same as the standard Lian Li PC60. The only real difference is they have replaced the standard four pin Molex connector to the fan with a smaller connector which keeps from eating up one of your power supplyís Molex connectors.

For front intakes, they stuck with the standard Adda 80mm fans. They actually perform well and donít produce very much noise at all. These are the same fans used in all other Lian Li PC60ís that I have seen.

Now we arrive upon one of my absolute favorite features they did to dress up this case. They have removed the original plastic fan filters and replaced them with very sleek metal filters. Not only does this look many times better than the plastic filter, but it also performs just as well if not even better. They filters will be able to stop any loose dust from entering the front intake fans on your case. They included this type of filter on all three intake fans in the case.

The top-mount exhaust fan actually has a grill on the bottom of it as well as the top. Many cases by custom modifiers lack this feature, yet it is important, you donít want any of your wires getting eaten up by your top vent. Simply another feature that sets Wahoo Computers apart from the competition and shows that build quality is very important to them to attract customers.

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