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Visiontek Geforce4 x 4

Posted: June 20, 2002
Written by: Adam Honek

Visiontek Geforce4 x 4

Nvidia Geforce4 - Introduction

Just as the Geforce3 chipset cards penetrated the market throughout 2001 Nvidia has refreshed its image with the Geforce4 chipsets. You can never have enough of a good thing the story goes and Nvidia has noted this abstract rather well with their new line-up. With the introduction of the Geforce3 chipset a new set of features came about set to improve the realism in the latest 3D games and demos fetching beyond the capabilities of the previous achievement, the Geforce2. With the Geforce4 Nvidia decided to take the goodness from the Geforce3 and make it faster. For this reason the true breed Geforce4 chipset (Ti4200, Ti4400, Ti4600) isn't a brand new product as such, but rather a Geforce3 been given a face lift and a new name. While this last statement might seem disappointing for those in the hope of expecting wonderful things from their new Geforce4 based card or system, it's not all as bad as it might sound. To find out why read on.

In this review we'll be taking a look at Visiontek's new offerings, namely the Geforce4 MX440, Ti4200, Ti4400 and the almighty Ti4600. All the boards we received were full production retail samples and reflect what is sold to the public; they are not OEM versions which you will most likely see in ready-made systems in retail outlets.

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