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Pocketec Pockey Datastor USB 2.0 External Hard drive

Posted: December 2nd, 2002
Written by: Justin "The Sheriff" Woods


To benchmark the Pockey Datastor, I decided to use DiskBench, a utility that allows you to test a drive's transfer rate by simply copying a file from one drive to another. It also allows you to create a file if you don't have multiple drives for copying. I decided to copy a 1 gig file from my C drive to the Pockey Datastor (G). To do this, I created 10 copies of the UT2003 beta and zipped them all into 1 file. The drive averaged 12MB per second and ran pretty close to what you see every time I tested it. The only drawback to using DiskBench, is that you cannot copy entire directories to measure the speed of copying a lot of small files together.

Next, I ran the Pockey Datastor through its paces using Sisoft Sandra's file system benchmark tool. I tested the drive several times, and the average was what you see in the screenshot. Sandra is an extremely useful tool. If you want a copy, go here to get it.

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