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Review: Plextor UltraPlex Wide 40 (Page 1/5)

Posted: February 4, 2001
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen


As I write the introduction to this review, Iím thinking to myself about technology transitions that are taking place within the computer industry and where they will transit us in the next few years. Some of the things that pop into my mind are things such as optical, memory, magnetic, nano, and wireless technology. However, there are always other ways of doing something that doesnít involve creating a new method that may not even be better -- case in point: the Plextor UltraPlex Wide 40.

A Little Bit About Plextor

Let me just introduce you, quickly, to the company on display today. Plextor is a company known for optical drives, specifically CD-ROM drives. Why they havenít introduced DVD drives, I donít know; what I do know is that whatever Plextor produces, itís always top-rate. Iím talking about computer equipment you canít find anywhere else.

If you read my previous reviews on Plextor, you may begin to develop a notion that I am one biased Plextor user. I agree with you if thatís what you think. Thereís a definite reason why though -- Plextor is simply the best in the optical drives department. No questions asked.

With that in mind, letís move on to our review of the UltraPlex Wide 40.

The Drive

UltraPlex Wide Profile Shot

All of Plextorís drives follow the same design. Iím not complaining or anything; itís definitely a well thought out design and I wouldnít want anything to change. I wouldnít mind more LEDís though. Thereís just something about fancy lights that catches my eyes!

The Back of the Drive

The Back of The Drive

On the backside of the drive, there isnít anything really interesting to squawk over. You can see the audio connectors, the SCSI ID chain jumpers, and the oh-so sweet 68-pin UltraWide SCSI interface.

Letís take a look at some specs.

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