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Posted: April 28th, 2003
Written by: Adam Honek

Bundled software

As part of adding value to customer support some software by the name of ICE Adjust comes included in the package. This little application is designed to be run and ease the way of best configuring the screen in terms of color reproduction and geometry settings. It does not hold extreme value but is useful nevertheless as a means of having a template on which to base our monitor adjustments to what we view as perfect in our own minds.

OSD (On Screen Display)

For the ever ongoing discussion on how do define quality with competing standards floating within the industry it is purely a measure of the end users opinion which counts. Throughout the life of every monitor it will at least once or twice be configured via the OSD and here is where we can define our own standard of what we personally would call quality, in this instance of the image shown at us. The OSD found in the 202P40 is clear and menu navigation is a breeze via the up and down arrows. The higher the class of a monitor the more options allowing you to amend the image are present and this time there is quite a number. A point of interest that should be spoken of is how well configured the monitor came shipped, do remember our sample was brand new and thus was entirely factory preset. However good sounding it can be it is not a general rule of thumb for all units. Below we fully list the control options the Philips 202P40 OSD contains:

1.) Position
2.) Size
3.) Zoom
4.) Recall
5.) Pincushion/Trapezoid
6.) Parallel/Rotation
7.) Pin balance/Linearity
8.) Side Pin Corner
9.) Pin Balance Corner
10.) Color
11.) Clear Moir
12.) Purity
13.) Convergence
14.) Degauss
15.) Reset
16.) Sync. Input Type
17.) Video Input Level
18.) D-SUB/BNC
19.) USB
20.) Menu Position
21.) Menu Duration
22.) Languages
23.) Auto Calibrate

Box Contents

1.) Short paper Manual
2.) Driver/manual CD
3.) Monitor and stand
4.) Signal Cable (non BNC)


Size and deflection 21 inch / 51 cm; 90 deflection angle
Dot pitch / Grille pitch 0.25 mm
Horizontal pitch
Tube type Aperture grille, flat, high contrast, anti-glare, anti-static, anti reflection, light transmission 41%
Phosphor P22
Recommended display area 15.4" x 11.6" / 392 x 294 mm
Maximum display area 16.0" x 12.0" / 406 x 305 mm

Horizontal scanning 30 - 130 KHz
Vertical scanning 50 - 160 Hz

Video dot rate 320 MHz
Input impedance
Video 75 ohm
Sync 2.2 kOhm
Input signal levels 0.7 Vpp
Sync input signal Separate sync
Composite sync
Sync polarities Positive and negative

Chromaticity CIE coordinates:
at 9300 K degrees x = 0.283 / y = 0.297
at 6500 K degrees x = 0.313 / y = 0.329
at 5500 K degrees x = 0.332 / y = 0.347

Dimensions 19.7" x 19.7" x 18.3" / 501 x 501 x 466 mm (including base)
19.7" x 18.1" x 18.3" / 501 x 461 x 466 mm (excluding base)
Weight 29 kg
Power supply 90 - 264 VAC, 50/60Hz
Temperature (operating) 0 to 35C / 32 to 95F
Temperature (storage) -25 to +65C / -13 to +149F
Relative humidity 5% to 95%

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