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Posted: April 28th, 2003
Written by: Adam Honek

202P40, its intended audiences

To address the professional users needs Philips uses a 0.24mm dot pitch aperture grille Mitsubishi Diamondtron NF tube measuring 22 inches. Resolutions span all the way up to 2048x1536 with 1600x1200 sustainable at a high refresh rate of 104Hz thanks to 320MHz of video bandwidth. With only this it is easy to distinguish the border between consumer and graphical employee devices, kudos to Philips for offering such a specification to those that demand it. For others wanting a large monitor to play the odd DVD or a game in big screen mode smiles are bound to evolve round peoples faces but do note you will ultimately be paying the bill for an high class product for what are classed as general uses. Various people shop for various monitors and whereas the letter V can be called upon as drawing two lines into one home the same can be said here; the 202P40 is about performance and productivity.

The Manual

Philips takes the environment friendly approach of bundling a small user manual designed to inform but save paper all in one go. While measuring the size of a CD jewel box it still manages to provide the helpful information the average end user would be looking for along with some basic images of the installation process itself. Within ten languages are covered meaning almost anyone and everyone can get to grips with the text inside which is well formatted and presented. On the included CD a more detailed manual is provided outlining the technical viewpoint of this monitor along with a broader range of areas covered in the same easily accessible well designed style. As with every large company they try and ensure their documentation is up to standards in this case Philips has performed a good job.


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