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Posted: April 28th, 2003
Written by: Adam Honek


A computer experience enjoyment is often pin pointed at how fast a machine is, what processor it has, how much RAM or simply put does it include the latest technology. Without showcasing the popping eye candy or vast spreadsheets back to the user a computer is pretty much a useless device, after all how can we control it if we cannot visualize its state? To gain a better display there are a wealth of screens to choice from be it TFT or CRT. While the latter is a mature and proven screen technology it still holds substantial sales figures largely due to its quality on higher end models and more importantly price. LCD TFT type displays have steadily gained more market share over the recent years becoming more common on desks around the globe; true as this is most LCD's still sold today are of sizes up to 17 inches. Price plays a large buying factor for most end users and LCD panels above 17 inches equally carry a much larger price tag. High end CRT's are still at least for the foreseeable future the choice of CAD people primary for their color reproduction and ultra high resolutions they support. Today we look at the all whistles included top model from industry well known Philips, namely the Brilliance 202P40 22 inch CRT.


First impressions

The sample we received is a full retail packaged unit as sold in stores. Holding a tube of no less than 22 inches is positioned at the most demanding graphical user requiring both sheer size and specification to aid him or her in their work. The 202P40 as opposed to competing displays of this size is short measuring only 46.6cm in depth making it space efficient given its tube dimensions. Beige continues to dominate desktop computer components even in 2003 and Philips adds its own styling in the form of silver control buttons and an artistic finish with various curves making it a plain but then again attractively packaged monitor. Build quality is high up the ladder with well connected plastic casing with no signs of worse or better fitted parts making the 202P40 a quality made product. Philips takes no chances and equips the design of the case with more than your average number of ventilation holes, with this one can expect a possible longer lifespan and better image quality thanks to a cooler tube as a result. At the rear of the beige enclosure we find 5 BNC connections, a standard HD-15 connection but no in-built USB hub. The latter forms part of the accessories one can buy as an optional extra should the need arise. A minor surprise is the lack of bundled BNC cable, something normally recommended for use with screens of this class for optimum image performance. Drawing our attention once again to the front view we immediately notice a truly flat screen measuring no less than 20.0 inches diagonally, common for 22 inch CRT monitors. First impressions are indeed positive with key features firmly addressed albeit without a USB hub; however this shortfall could be of minor importance to most and more of a gimmick adding slight value to the product.


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