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GeForce3 Ti500: Cooling While Overclocking (Page 3/3)

Posted: February 26, 2002
Written by: Tom


Being that I do not currently have a respectable enough system to run a few Quake 3 benchmarks and get some really good numbers, this is as far as it goes :) Overall, the performance of these products was superb, more so with the RAMsinks than the Crystal Orb.


ThermalTake Crystal Orb

*Great Cooling Ability
*Copper Base
*Sleek and intimidating looks

*A bit pricy
*Not much of an improvement over the Blue Orb

Overall: Crystal Orb - 8/10

Tweakmonster RAMsinks

*Incredible Performance
*100% CNC Machined Copper
*Very stylish on any card
*Proven to be the best memory cooling solution available

*A bit pricy, but well worth it

Overall: RAMsinks - 10/10

There isnít much more to say other than that these products are excellent solutions for video cooling and are worth the money. Thanks for reading, and mail me with any questions/comments you may have at:

Once again, our thanks go out to and The Heatsink Factory for providing us with the supplies. Please support them by picking up some of these fine items at their websites if you're interested..

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