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GeForce3 Ti500: Cooling While Overclocking (Page 2/3)

Posted: February 26, 2002
Written by: Tom

Tweakmonster RAMsinks

Tweakmonster’s RAMsinks were made famous with the original quality CNC machined copper RAMsinks that were available in both SDR and DDR sizes. The new chrome colored ones are virtually no different, other than being tin plated to give them their shiny look.

The stock memory speed on the Radeon 8500 is 550MHz, giving it a fairly large increase over the Ti500, at 500MHz. If you are a proud owner of a Ti500, and an overclocker at heart, then you may have noticed by now that the memory clock is rather easy to increase. On our card, the memory ran stable at 570MHz with just stock cooling, which is rather impressive considering the material that was used to make the passive stock RAMsinks on the memory chips. After seeing that, one can only wonder what you can do with Tweakmonster’s top-of-the-line copper RAMsinks. Well, the monster himself was kind enough to send some out to us along with the Fan Bracket to try out. Here are some pictures of how the card looks with the RAMsinks and the Crystal Orb together.

As you can see, the card looks much better than it did with the original cooling configuration.

Below we can see the results of the OC with the RAMsinks.

Amazing, but true! The memory actually ran STABLE at 600MHz!!! (Bear in mind that results are more than likely NOT typical and may vary.)

Note: The Fan Bracket was used in the tests, but only gained about a 2MHz increase, which is negligible, and should just be used to ensure that the RAMsinks are getting sufficient airflow and cooling your card down a little. I have included a picture of the bracket with 2x80mm fans installed. More information about the Fan Bracket can be found at the Tweakmonster website.

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