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Chenbro Genie Jr Case Review

Posted: November 18, 2001
Written by: Greg "Dyre" Heasley
Review unit supplied by: Jim @


As we all know, a good case can stay with you for years. What constitutes a good case? Well, first of all it needs to be made well: smooth edges and easy access are a must. Attention to cooling is required, not to mention efficient use of space. Since your case will probably out-last most of the internal components, you had better like working inside of it.

After seeing the Chenbro Genie full tower case, I was impressed. When it came time to get a case, I looked Chenbro's way. However, I wasn't really interested in another full-tower case, which is when the Genie Jr. caught my eye. So how does the Genie Jr. measure up?

Like a geek in a hardware store -- or something


22 x 45.4 x 45.7
8.66 x 17.87 x 17.99

Drive Bay
5 1/4" Exposed x 3
31/2" Exposed x 2
3 1/2" Hidden x 3

M/B Type: ATX / Full Size ATX / Extended ATX / Baby AT
CPU Type: Dual PII / PIII Xeon / P4
PSU Type: Mini redundant / PS2

N.W. (KGS) 9.9
G.W. (KGS) 11.48
Cubic Feet 2.94
Q'TY in a 20ft Cont. 308 pcs (Single Packing)
Q'TY in a 40ft Cont. 632 pcs (Single Packing)
I/O shield - ATX R2.03, DB9
Slots: 7

Optional Parts
9cm / 12cm cooling Fan x2
8cm HDD Cooling Fan x 1
Card-Retainer x 1 (PN#1201-1330)


The Genie Jr. uses the same very cool door system as its bigger brother. Basically, there is one screw in the back that when removed allows you to slide the top panel off. Once off, all you have to do to lift the handle attached to each side to pull the doors off. It's that easy to get into. 1 thumbscrew. How cool it that?

View from top of the side doors and handle, with top removed

For the three 5 1/4" bays the Genie series uses drive rails that screw into the drive. I used to be against drive rails, but that's before I had used the rails on the Genie. Boy, have I ever changed my mind on drive rails... They rule! The ones on the Genie go on quick and lock into the case easily. They are defiantly a joy to work with. All the 3 1/2" drives screw in normally, which is nice, since I don't want my hard drives rattling around on rails.

Look at all the space Once inside I was amazed with the amount of space! It was much better than any other mid-tower I have used before. The area where the motherboard mounts is nice and open, without any power supplies, hard drive cages, or 5 1/4" drive cages hanging over the motherboard area. This makes up nicely for the lack of a motherboard try. Even with my large, dual Slot 1 PIII board, installation was a breeze. I just dropped it in and was done.

Another look at all that space


This case comes with some great built in cooling for its size. It includes two (yes two) stock mounting locations for 120mm fans. It also comes with built in active hard drive cooling in the form of an 80mm fan. Very nice touch. For fans, I decided to go with the 'quiet set-up' of Panasonic Panaflo fans. While they don't move as much air as other fans, the Panaflo's high quality bearings allow them to move a lot of air, quietly.

Good shot of the Panasonic Panaflo's Even with these lower output fans, two PIII 450s running @ 600 and a 7200rpm SCSI drive, the case stayed within 5 degrees Fahrenheit of ambient room temperature. That's pretty good considering I was using the lower output Panaflos. It's a real testimate to the cases design.


There where a few problems with this case, but they are damn small. First, I'd like to see some kind of built in filter on the front, like that found on the Addtronics 6896A. I really hate dust in my case, and those filters really help. Second, the front bezel. I really like the swing out one found on the Genie Sr., but alas, the Jr. doesn't share this feature with its older brother. Instead, the Genie Jr. has a standard plastic pop-off front bezel that just doesn't feel durable. Some might also complain at the lack of a motherboard tray, but I really didn't find it a problem.


The Chenbro Genie Jr. is a feature-filled mid-tower case. It looks great, includes awesome stock cooling, uses drive rails, and has the absolutely awesome single screw cover! The innards are laid out perfectly, maximizing the internal space and making the case a joy to work with. Coupled with an Enermax 431 watt power supply, this case makes a perfect platform for a Dual CPU/SCSI workstation, or a power hungry 1+ GHz gaming monster.


If you are in the market for a mid tower case, I can highly recommend the Chenbro Genie Jr. It is a remarkable value and should last for years. I also read on Chenbro's site that the new Genie Jr.'s are compatible with the Pentium 4, a very nice bonus.

Everything installed and ready to roll. I love that '' case badge.

Special thanks go to Jim at for providing the review unit and a set of Panaflo fans. If you're interested in any of the Chenbro cases, including the Genie, Genie Jr., or NET, talk to Jim!
Rating: 9.5/10

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