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EverGlide Mousepad

Posted: August 1, 1999

Written by: NafterClifen

Retail Price from EverGlide:
  • Mousing Surface - $12.95
  • Small Attack Pad - $14.95
  • Large Attack Pad - $16.95
  • Shipping - Approx. $4 US

Well, it has finally come time to get a new mousepad. After years of torture and abuse, the old rubber mat is just about ready to become trash! If you've never given any thought on mousepads and just intend to go out and buy one from your local store, now's the time to reconsider. EverGlide is the newest in mousing surfaces and without one, your mouse is left "crawling" behind...


  • Smooth scrolling traction surface
  • Beveled edges
  • Underside gripping rubber
  • Easily washable :-)


Unlike any other computer related object, amazingly enough, this requires no installation! Yep, finally just something you can open up and start using without having to install drivers, opening up your computer, or having to troubleshoot conflicts. Although you do have to open the package it's sent in and punt that old pad across the room into the garbage, it's fairly simple and easy-to-do...

My thoughts/opinions

Well as soon as I received the pad, I was not only shocked to find out that it was plastic but I also questioned the surface. Now maybe it was just me, but I always thought EverGlide was a rubbery kind of gel. Either way, the pad is just a great product whether it be plastic or rubber. Now for the surface... Imagine rolling your mouse on top of your semi-rough case. It may seem weird at first, but after a day or two of use it starts to grow on you. Since some people are used to their desk and don't prefer a mousepad, this would be definitely ideal for them. After just about two days of Quake 2, I have come to realize that this pad performs exceptionally well in terms of movement, even in those pure intense deathmatches. I had no problems with the size either (Large Attack Pad). It was big enough where I never "drove" my mouse off the pad and lost the game winning frag or missed clicking that monkey on those banners! :-) Overall, the surface has not only been beneficial to me, but to my mouse as well. With the typical rubber or gel mousepad, I found that it frequently collected dust which my mouse ball then picked up, resulting me in cleaning it every so often. With this, however, it does not attract the dust to hold it "captive" while my mouse vacuumed it all up...


If you always wanted a top quality PC, it's not finished quite yet without an EverGlide. I highly recommend this product, just as the many other various people who have the experience and pleasure of owning one..."Catch the glide with an EverGlide pad!"

[+] Good
  • Well constructed
  • Easy to wash
  • Underside gripping surface
  • Easy to use :-)

[-] Bad
  • Maybe $10, but $15? A bit pricey...
  • Custom designing would be nice for a reasonable price

Overall rating: 9.5

You can buy your own EverGlide pad at the EverGlide homepage.

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