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Posted: May 1, 2001
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy


You probably noticed the mouse surface trend take off at an exceptional rate. I think the first mousing surface directed toward gamers was the Everglide, but I can't remember for sure. Later followed Ratpadz, 3M Precision Mousing Surface, Act Labs' fUnc sUrface, and many others. But what I received from The Card Cooler a couple weeks back was really different. What first grabbed my attention was the Mouse Bungee. I never really liked using the Mouse Bungee on my PC because if I got excited during a game of Quake 3 or Half-Life, I'd pull the mouse so hard that the 'bungee' would fly off my desk, greatly affecting my gameplay. Yeah, it was nice for some tasks... especially surfing the web since it kept the mouse cord out of the way, but it didn't do it for me. I must have knocked it off my desk ten times in the first day I used it, and it wasn't a hit with the ladies.

All my friends laughed at my mouse bungee when
I whipped it out at a LAN party. Yes, I'm serious.

But the Mouse Bungee Pro took a... *ahem* unique idea and turned it into a great idea. By attaching the standard Mouse Bungee to a hard plastic mouse surface, the 'bungee' would be kept in place. So no matter how hard one pulls, the awkward looking little gadget will stay seated, looking "pretty" while the spring flexes, and effectively keeping the mouse cord away from the mouse.

But wait, there's more! The Mouse Bungee Pro also added something truly unique. How does a tempered glass surface sound? It might turn you off at first, but once you've used it you may get a little excited. Read on to find out why...


- 11-1/4" x 9" area
- Mouse Bungee (attached to plastic)
- Tempered glass mouse pad with two surfaces: smooth for optical mice, textured for ball-mice
- Bungee Logo / Card Cooler insert (or you can put your own in).
-1-year LMW

Since the tempered glass has two sides, you can technically use this mouse surface for any mouse. It's also plenty big enough to be used with most games, etc... even if you get a little excited and involved with them like I do (hey it helps me win!).

So, how does it.. well, perform?

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