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Review: Matrox Marvel G450 eTV (Page 1/6)

Posted: May 4, 2001
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen


If youíre a person who has never mixed business with pleasure, youíre missing a lot; especially now that the G450 eTV is out on the market. Whether youíre into watching TV on your computer, playing some games, video editing, or graphics editing, the G450 eTV has you covered from all directions.

After the recent public announcement that they would be concentrating on things other than gaming oriented graphics products, Matrox pushed all efforts into making productivity devices. While this may or may not be whatís going on behind the scenes, itís apparent that Matrox is following its word. For those of you who are gamers, this is probably not a good thing, as we all know that competition is a good thing.

Currently, the only real players in the gaming market are ATI and NVIDIA. Considering that Matrox is older than ATI and NVIDIA combined, it sure can compete. Exactly why Matrox decided to leave the gaming market is clear:

Corporate/Business market is larger than the Gaming market,
Only a chipmaker can keep up with a 6-month cycle, not a chip and board maker,
Advertising and promotion is extremely expensive,

Just from those reasons alone, it can be frightening for a manufacturer to handle all those things at the same time. Rest assure though, Matrox will be back in 2002 with goodies you wonít want to miss.

Business As Usual
What do you do when the majority of your computing time is spent doing graphics, writing articles, burning CDís, listening to music and watching TV? You run out and grab yourself a Matrox G450 eTV, thatís what you do -- fortunately Matrox sent me one hehe.

The Marvel G450 eTV

Matrox has positioned the eTV as the card to get for computers users who want to get the most out of their computers. Now the word most seems to define a general all-around user. This user does many things with his or her PC, not just gaming. As a computer user myself, I find that I casually play games and spend more time writing reviews like this one and working with graphics, naturally making me look for a graphics card able to dish out the quality I want. I'm looking for something with extra vibrant and solid colors; I want something that can cut out razor blade sharp images; I want something that can let me watch TV without running downstairs; and finally, I want something that can handle the games I play. Fortunately, the G450 eTV has what I need.

What games do I play? The games I play when I have the chance are Rogue Spear, RTS games like Starcraft and the like, all of which are fairly light on 3D graphics. I can play Quake 3 quite well with a G450 but I donít play Quake 3 often. If anyone were to challenge me in Quake 3 though, I would have to say step down, Iíll win. :)

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