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Matrox Millennium G400 32MB (Page 1/5)

Posted: September 15, 1999
Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa
Estimated retail price: $199.99

Matrox has already taken its place in the budget line of computer graphics. Standing their ground against such opposition as ATI, they offered that high-end solution to everyone's business/gaming needs. Today, with the arrival of the Millennium G400, Matrox enters a new arena of high-speed 2D/3D video acceleration. How does it perform pitted against such competitors as the Voodoo3 and TNT2? That's exactly what I set out to find...


Between the three flavors of G400 enabled boards (G400 16MB, G400 32MB, and G400 Max 32MB), the G400 32megger has the most fluid balance in terms of hardware speculation, price, and performance. But don't just take it from me, see for yourself:

Key Features
  • 0.25 micron processor

  • 256-bit DualBus architecture

  • True 128-bit external bus to video memory

  • Full AGP 2X/4X device with Multi-threaded Bus Mastering

  • 8MB to 32MB frame buffer configurations supported

  • True Environment Mapped Bump Mapping

  • Vibrant Color Qualtiy 2 (VCQ2) Rendering

  • 32-bit internal precision specially enhanced for multi-texturing

  • Matrox DualHead Display technology

  • 32-bit Z-buffer including 8-bit stencil buffer

  • Symmetric Rendering Architecture

  • DirectX 6, PC 98/99, Broadcast PC, DirectShow, OpenGL compatibility

  • High-speed integrated RAMDAC (up to 300MHZ)

  • Display up to 2056x1536 @ 32bpp

  • Industry leading 3D feature set and performance

  • Bilinear, Trilinear, and Anistropic filtering

2D Drawing Engine
  • UltraSharp RAMDAC technology

  • Full acceleration of all GDI and DirectDraw functions

  • Linear frame buffer

  • Programmable, transparent BLTter

  • Linear packed pixel frame buffer

  • 32-bit ultra-fast VGA core

3D Rendering Engine
  • 3D Rendering Array Processor (three times speed of MGA-G200)

  • Floating Point 3D Setup Engine with dynamically re-allocatable resources

  • Environment Mapped Bump Mapping

  • Single cycle multi-texturing

  • Vertex and table fog

  • Specular highlighting (any color)

  • True color ARGB Flat and Gouraud Shading


Installation, of many such products, was simple enough... The Matrox G400 slid into the AGP slot with ease. (A good paragraph for this section, eh? :)

Driver installation, was even more of a stroll in the park. But once I got it all in there, was I impressed? Move on and we'll see...

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