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Logitech Z560

Posted: December 4th, 2001
Written by: Tuan Huynh


Earlier this year Logitech made a name for themselves with the release of their Xtrusio DSR-100 4.1 speaker system. The Xtrusioís were a low cost 4.1 system that sounded good and received positive reviews. Earlier this year, Logitech also purchased longtime speaker company Labtec who was going through financial trouble. Labtecís last speaker system before they were bought out was the Pulse 424ís which had a nicely powered subwoofer. For a while we havenít heard from Logitech, who has released many budget speaker systems but doesnít have a high end product to compete with offerings from Klipsch.

After a long wait, Logitech is back in the game with their latest addition to their already great line of speakers. Dubbed the Z560, theyíre Logitechís introduction into the high-end speaker market competing directly against the Klipsch Pro Media 4.1 and Altec Lansing 641ís.

Letís take a look at themÖ

The Z560ís come with 4 satellites (2 not pictured), a subwoofer, speaker cables, and wired control unit. The Z560ís have a total power output of 400 watts RMS. The system is THX certified, which means it meets George Lucasís requirements to be certified. This really doesnít mean anything nowadays and is more of a marketing tactic.

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