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Review: Leadtek Enhanced WinFast GTS 64MB (Page 1/5)

Posted: January 17, 2001
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen


Itís been a few months since Iíve done a review on a GeForce GTS based card, and I figured, why do another one? Well, sometimes there are just special cases which just have to be covered. I know you guys like knowing everything thatís cool so I figured Iíd show you guys what you want.

Over the past year, the name Leadtek has become increasingly famous as I notice more people talking about them. It turns out that their products are a big hit. This is because Leadtek produce cards comparable to those produced by tried and true companies like Creative Labs without the price premium paid for a tried and true company brand name.

Without going into too much detail, Leadtek is commanding a lot of respect from gamers, and definitely a lot from me. These days, Iím eager to see a Leadtek product as they are beginning to really differentiate themselves.

Enhanced GTS

I canít stress enough how far a little extra effort can go when a company wants to please its customers. This is no ordinary GeForce2 GTS card. This card has all the cool features and then some. Weíre talking about an intelligently designed cooling system, a diagnostics and warning system with LEDís, a better circuit board layout, and speedier RAM Ė do I have to say overclocking?

Before we go into extreme details, letís take a look at the Enhanced WinFast GTS 64MB:

The Card

Board Shot

There you have it. I was getting tired of scanning the card front and back as not many people really care what the back looks like -- besides, weíve all seen a GTS before havenít we?

Right off the bat, the first thing you'll notice is the massive heatsink/fan combo Leadtek packs with this card. The design of the heatsink is a step above the rest I see on video cards these days. First off, for a heatsink to be effective, it needs lots of fins to increase surface to air area ratio. A cooler like the infamous Blue Orb does nothing to increase efficiency in terms of more area because the base is totally flat which is where most heat is. Above you can see that Leadtek has positioned a good number of large fins right above the GeForce2 GPU itself. The fan on the side blows air through the grill lines and push heat away.

Strategic Heat Dispersion

Forced Air Circulation

As you can see, Leadtek is aiming this card squarely at tweakers with all the extra features and monitoring enhancements built onto this card. Letís take a look at its specs.

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