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Posted: December 15th, 2002
Written by: Adam Honek

Performance figures, the claims

Toshiba and IBM dually position these drives as enhanced performance high-end models for notebook users desiring that extra turn of speed. IBM states the internal drive throughput as 297Mbits/sec whereas Toshiba bravely claims 333.2Mbits/sec as the highest obtainable on their GAX series. Whereas these manufacturers drift away with different internal media transfer rates, both claim an average seek time of 12ms. Maximum seek time is 23/22ms and track to track seek time is 2.5/2ms for the IBM/Toshiba respectively. Average latency also follows dually at 5.5/5.55ms. Considering that these units are very similar except for their own given firmware and cache algorithms, their performance should be within close range of each other. With a larger buffer we can predict that at least in theory the MK4018GAX will surface with greater overall throughput taking the lead in performance, in the sam way IBM should only marginally score less as in a listing of aerial density, rotational speed and buffer size, merely the last element truly varies between them.


Noise performance

Operational noise to some users is a big deal and here we have true examples of how this difers from product to product. The IBM GNX series is the quieter of the two hard drives tested here with near silent operation giving little sign of the drive's workings when running. Toshiba's own GAX series takes a slightly louder stance but not overwhelmingly so, however it is still more audible than the IBM to a degree that is noticable. Neither units are excedingly loud devices to cause bother amongst end user and the good old sound of a hard drive at work is after all a viable indication of its health.

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