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Posted: December 15th, 2002
Written by: Adam Honek


Notebooks have been going from strength to stength over the last couple of years providing us with useful performance on our desks and while on travel. This speed has been mainly due to the ever increasing processor and RAM speeds but one crucial often overlooked deciding element is none other than the hard drive. From booting up your system to saving your database files it is a key player in determining how optimal your system runs. This time here at labs we take a look at two of these hard drives, namely the GAX series from Toshiba and Travelstar GNX series from IBM.



Being mobile devices our samples were small enough to hold in the palm of our hand but this does not change the way one needs to install them as a contrast to larger 3.5 inch desktop drives. For our test machine we used a Sony VAIO GRX316MP notebook equipped with a pull out caddy in which we seated the drives using four small screws. Once in place the caddy goes back into the notebook chassis and the installation task is completed. With the computer being notebook there is no need to connect any power or IDE cables to the drive, the unit plugs into an internal connector with these already combined at the rear of the caddy area within the chassis.

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