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Kingston DataPak Portable PC Card 5 Gig Hard Drive

Posted: October 19th, 2002
Written by: Justin "The Sheriff" Woods


Over all this little drive packs a lot of value. Considering that no laptop today has native USB 2.0 support to really make use of the faster drive technologies, and the overall size of this "little" drive, and you can see why I think it is so cool. The technolgy implimented here is also something that raises an eyebrow. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want a 5 gig drive to carry around, that fits into digital cameras, laptops, and is fast enough to run full length movies and MP3s from? All from a device that will fit in your shirt pocket. I would. With that said, I must note that I feel that the drive should be permanently bundled with the USB card reader. This additional peice of hardware really adds to the overall usability and value of the drive. The real kicker here is the drive's cost, at $370 for the 5 gig version (compressible to 10 gigs), and an additional $40 for the media reader, the price per megabyte is extremely high. You can get a lot more storage space for less. Though you lose the ultra-portability of this drive. Overall, I am extremely pleased with it, and would recommend it to people who need extra storage, but not all the baggage that comes with having an external hard drive. Like I said before, it performs wonderfully for what it's intended to do.

Rating: 85%

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