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Kingston CF/1024 I gigabyte Compact Flash card & Digital Media Flashcard reader

Posted: January, 15th 2003
Written by: Justin "The Sheriff" Woods

Using the card and 6-in-1 reader

Once you've gotten everything installed, you're good to go. I use the 1 gig CF card in my digital camera, a Nikon CoolPix 880, which has 3.3 Megapixel max resolution. Let's take a look at what having a gigabyte of storage in a digital camera means, shall we? With my 64-megabyte CF card, I can store about 80 pictures at the second to highest setting (Fine). Bump that up to the highest setting (Hi), and it drops to under 30 images. Pop the 1 gig card in and I can now carry 650 images at the second setting, and 107 at the highest, so now my camera is only limited to battery life.

Let me tell you, this will reinvent the way you use your camera, and take pictures. I never used the folder feature available in my camera until I started reviewing this card, I can take SO many pictures…and leave them on the CF disk, it now makes sense to separate them by folder. This also means I can record a lot more video, which the Coolpix records as a silent .mov. I am not sure how long I can record for, but I would guess I can get about 20 to 30 minutes of video on this card.

When your done playing with your camera or whatever device you're using the card on, pop it into the 6-in-1 media reader, and if you're using Windows XP, a popup window will appear and ask you what you want to do. You can see I selected the option to "open folder to view files using Windows Explorer". In Windows 2000, an explorer window will open without prompting for selection.

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