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Posted: June 23rd, 2003
Written by: Adam Honek

The new i865 chipsets

With the i875P chipset fulfilling the needs of high end PCís/entry level workstations there is still comes a necessity to grant something more or less the same for the mainstream consumer market. The i865 chipset series is Intelís way of swaying away from the successful majority i845 series chipsets onto somewhat more for the conventional end user. To conquer the needs a consumer system may require the i865 comes in three flavours: i865G, i865PE, and i865P. Examining the feature list of these chipsets discloses a close similarity to their higher ranked model, the i875P. It is in fact so near the truth that only a handful of qualities are stripped. The first entry to get the axe is PAT, a technology (or marchitecture) invented on the purpose of lowering memory access overhead as we have already discussed above in our i875P report. With this lacking exhibits the outcome of possibly lower performance albeit by a small margin in the region of a few percent. From here onwards we are left to choose the desired direction of functioning. If we are in search of the basic budget model then this is referred to as the i865P. The downside is that these do not support a 800MHz FSB nor dual channel 400MHz PC3200 DDR RAM, instead the user is left with up to 533MHz FSB and dual channel 333MHz PC2700 support respectively. On the other side of the scale should one desire the peak performer amongst the i865 series then this is sold under the name of i865PE. The distinction from its i865P variant rests in what the aforementioned model lacks, 800MHz FSB and a dual channel PC3200 memory interface. The other final edition sold under the i865G name is without much complication nothing additional but an i865PE albeit given its own unique attribute, Intel Extreme Graphics 2. On-board graphics have always appealed to OEMís due means of cost saving, while sufficient they do not fall in the same league as todayís high end add-on graphics cards. Nonetheless, Intel Extreme Graphics 2 will ideally suit office needs and those of the casual gamer. What remains commonly present throughout the i865 series is CSA and SATA RAID. With together three chipsets there is an even variety layering from basic to advanced desktop system requirements while the most attractive of them all appears to be the i865PE for its performance orientated functionality. Overall things do look affirmative; the only real downside of course is the somewhat diminished memory performance at the lack of PAT, this however can be expected as the strict divide thatís drawn between the i865 and i875P. For the sake of average consumers this is a non issue whereas for veteran computer users this could well spark a reason for concern and further encourage them to opt for i875 based motherboards harnessing that extra tad of speediness.


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