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Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz

Posted: April 1st, 2002
Written by: Tuan Huynh


It was only last January that Intel launched their Northwood processors with existing speed grades, as well as a new 2.2GHz model to their existing line-up. About 2 months have passed since weíve seen launch a new P4 microprocessor, with the exception of the Xeon MP and Xeon Prestonia based processors.

Typically every time Intel launches a new speed grade of their processors they usually just increase the multiplier and give it a 100MHz speed increase. But lately Intel has given processors 200 MHz speed increases (2.0GHz?2.2GHz) as we will soon surpass the 3GHz speed barrier.

This time around Intel has bumped the speed of their Pentium processor to 2.4 GHz, a 200 MHz increase from the existing 2.2 GHz processor. The new 2.4 GHz is still based around the Northwood core that features 512k full speed L2 cache and is fabricated using a 0.13u process.

The new 2.4 GHz processor isnít much different then itís predecessor (2.2GHz), it is still based on Intelís Net burst Architecture that features a 400 MHz quad pumped bus (100 MHz Quad Data Rate, which is 400 MHz effectively). If the Intel road maps posted on the internet are correct, we wonít be seeing 533 MHz FSB processors till the end of April to the beginning of May.

Letís move on to the processorÖ..

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