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Guillemot Maxi-Sound Fortissimo (Page 3/3)

Posted: January 20, 2000
Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa
Estimated retail price: $49.99


Sound card installation is always relatively easy. Know where you are putting the CD-Rom connector and sticking your speaker cords and you are set. As with software installation, a few nexts and you are ready to rock. The release drivers performed well, and Guillemot isn't a company to neglect their customers, so you can be sure if there is a problem you will find a solution at their site. Now back to the software, Guillemot gladly included a bundle. Not the best of bundles (Acid DJ, and MediaStation), but nevertheless a bundle damnit! AcidDJ is a relatively old sampling software package while MediaStation is a spunked-up, mutt-bread of Windows CD Player and Windows Volume Controls. Here are a few quick screens of the software at work:



At $49.99 expectations were low for the Fortissimo, but surprisingly the board came packed with great features and excellent performance in comparison to the price. A3D, EAX, built-in DirectSound3D, and Sensaura Interactive Positioning is hard to pass up at such a low pop. Money-conscious consumers have their soundcard, but the hardcore gamer and/or hardware enthusiast (like myself) have high standards when it comes to anything 3D. So I'll say it again: the Fortissimo is an excellent 3D Audio solution based on a price to performance ratio. Looking for any old soundcard? Bamn! Fortissimo babie. Only $50 for a good 3D Audio board? Bamn! Fortissimo babie. Looking for the best and money ain't a thing? Then you're looking in the wrong place. In conclusion, a great product by Guillemot, as long as it knows its own role =).

Overall Rating: 7.5

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