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Guillemot Maxi-Sound Fortissimo (Page 1/3)

Posted: January 20, 2000
Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa
Estimated retail price: $49.99

With a slew of soundcards hitting the market, it becomes surprising that a company has not yet taken all the top soundcard features (A3D & EAX), and slammed 'em into a well-rounded sound solution marked at an affordable price. Well, that was the case, until now... Guillemot and their new Maxi-Sound Fortissimo have done just that.


    System Requirements
    • Intel Pentium® MMX 233MHz & higher or 100% compatible.

    • PCI 2.1 slot

    • 16MB of RAM

    • Windows® 95/98 or higher.

    • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

    DSP (Audio Processor)
    • Yamaha YMF744 Engine

    Audio Quality
    • 16-bit Mono/Stereo 4kHz to 48kHz    
    • Full duplex Playback and Capture w/ different sampling rate

    Audio Format Support
    • Hardware Accelerated Microsoft DirectSound 3D
    • DirectMusic Hardware Acceleration
    • EAX, A3D 1.0, and Sensaura Interactive Positioning on 2 and 4 speaker setups.
    • Legacy Audio Compatibility (for older DOS games)
    • Compatible with Sound Blaster Pro, DirectInput
    • Downloadable Sound (DLS) Level-1 Connection

    MIDI Support
    • Yamaha XG Synthesizer w/ 2MB Wavetable
    • General MIDI, General Standard, and Yamaha XG Compatible
    • 128-voice polyphony (64 hardware)
    • 676 Instrument Sounds and 21 Drum Kits
    • Effects: Reverb + Chorus

    • Stereo Line-In
    • Mic-In
    • Digital Gameport/MIDI MPU401 UART
    • Internal CD-Audio Connector

    • Independent Stereo Front and Stereo Back connectors for a 4 speaker setup.
    • S/PDIF Digital/Optical Output

What does this all mean? The Fortissimo comes packed with many nice features practically required in a gaming soundcard. Along with built-in hardware support for Microsoft's DirectSound, the Fortissimo also includes Sensaura Interactive Positioning and software support for Creative's EAX and Aureal's A3D 1.0. It's safe to say that you get all the top 3D audio technologies in one package. Four-channel setup (although still not the 'ultimate' 3D audio experience) is easy and offers great results. Guillemot included it all, even a S/PDIF optical digital output to any capable AC-3 (Dolby Digital 5.1) decoder. Some great features at a very reasonable price...

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