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Guillemot Thrustmaster NASCAR Charger Racing Wheel (Page 2/2)

Posted: December 13, 1999
Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa
Estimated retail price: $49.99 ($35 Online)

Control & Design

The Charger's control is actually above average compared to many low budget racing wheels of our day. Cornering and other movements stay constant, slick, and solid; while straight-aways require no hands due to correct alignment achieved from the design and the Charger Calibration Program (seen below). Basically, wheel movements feel natural, realistic and fluent... Shifting is attained through the addition of two levers located on the back of the wheel roughly where your index and middle fingers lie. This, while offering quick shifting in your advantage, sacrifices the realism of having an actual stick shift branching off from the side of the wheel. Again, the Charger is aimed at the money conscious consumer, and adding the stick would have undoubtedly added an extra 20-30 wampa wampas.

In comparison to other specialized controllers, a racing wheel (or more specifically the Charger) is more beneficial in terms of control and flexibility for many 'mobile games' that require smooth movement... During long races it's hard to 'low-ride' with a gamepad or keyboard, but slouchin' back and rockin' slow becomes not a problem with the Charger- racing titles are transformed into more pleasurable games, and that's a wonderful thing =)

(Note: contrary to other reviews written of this product, although the pedals share an axis the brake cannot be pushed back as far as the gas, therefore they do not cancel each other out and still offer realistic cornering.)


The Charger is a great racing wheel for enthusiasts and leisure time racers alike! Although the watered down internal and external design makes the Charger a low costing alternative for greater driving control, it certainly operates on level with many other more luscious wheels. A slick design, well-placed buttons, and smooth/agile control make the Charger a great product. The pedals could use some upgrading but still offer realistic control at a much cheaper price. If you are in the mood for the realistic racing experience, but don't have a lot of cash, the Charger is right for you. Racing veterans: steer clear of the Charger (pun intended).

Overall Rating: 8.0

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